Bibliobox at University of Newcastle, Australia
year 2009
location AUSTRALIA, University of Newcastle
region East
host University of Newcastle
about the travel 
Bibliobox was deployed in the foyer of the University of Newcastle Gallery to coincide with a graduate student exhibition from 11th until 17th November 2009.

The objective was to place the ideas represented by works in the Bibliobox within the realm of theoretical discourse, and as a stimulus to senior undergraduate and post-graduate students faced with decisions about further study and research and/or professional practice.

The Box’s ‘residency’ was managed by Gillean Shaw, gallery curator, and was linked with the program of studies by senior academics Anne Graham and Miranda Lawry.

Many students at post-graduate level at the University of Newcastle choose to work in socially-engaged art practice, and the University attracts many students from rural and remote areas where agriculture and farming are the main industries.

Apart from the students, the Bibliobox was available for visitors to peruse at their leisure.