Cross Country - an exploration into Rural Public Space
year 2008
location BRITAIN, Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridge
region East
host Sebastian Ramirez (curator) and Donna Lynas (director) Wysing Arts Centre
about the travel contributed their Bibliobox to the exhibition Cross Country: an exploration into Rural Public Space. A gallery exhibition in Wysings Arts Centre from 20 March until 27 April. Kathrin Böhm and Wapke Feenstra made a set up with the wallpaper at the gallery and during the opening reception they offered the audience food from their home villages such as smoked Franconian sausages, clove cheese and horse milk. The Bibliobox also had a role in a visiting program for nearby schools. For the show two extra screens where hanged on the wall to show more of the DVD content of the box. The other works in Cross Country focused on the outcomes of the residencies that took place at Wysing Arts during the last year (2007-2008). Public Works’ structure/story-room traveled from a public path to Wysing to occupy the gallery space. Photo’s by Jose Arnaud-Bello who recently was working with a group of people of Traveller origin in the area. Jose Arnaud-Bello’s photographs show the local Traveller sites that have recently been closed, they are poignant reminders of a fragile community now dispersed. Also on show N55's Manual for a Walking House. N55 is meanwhile developing a life-size Walking House with BRE (The Building Research Establishment) in Watford - look out for this!
about the host Wysing Arts Centre is a centre for the visual arts. Throughout the year they focus on the development of artists through studios, international residency programme and commissioning. Wysing is a working site with up to 30 artists present during week days, and this sets us apart from other arts venues. At intervals throughout the year we open up the site so that the public can see what we have been doing. This could be in the form of artists’ talks, discussions, workshops, exhibitions or special events. Wysing Arts Centre is locasted at the former Wysing Grange Farm. The farm was purchased in 1989 and was developed by its founders into a centre offering low cost studio space for artists. Wysing was founded by Jenny and Terry Brooks, who are still active members of its Board of Trustees, and the artists Annie and Age Bunnetat. Together, they set about transforming its barns and outbuildings into studios and later organising occasional exhibitions and events, including an annual exhibition of kinetic sculpture, in Wysing's grounds. A gallery was converted from an old hay shed and a regular programme of artistic activity began.