BBBOX tour during ‘Why we left the village and came back’ / Marjas House
year 2006 & 2007
location BRITAIN, Marjas house
region West
host Shrewsbury Museum and Gallery & mediamaker (Adrian Plant) and (Kathrin Böhm)
about the travel During ‘Why we left the village and came back’ the Bibliobox also toured to a number of rural venues, in a series of events to present contemporary art projects and act as a focus for specific local knowledge and experience. The audiences were the potential partners in the future development of the project. Look at some images from the first BBBox day out - literally out, far out in the countryside.
Marja is a student at the University of Wolverhampton, she invited Kathrin Böhm to come over to her house with the box. Marja: "One cold December morning Kathrin pulled up outside my house and carried a strange wooden box inside. I had invited some artist friends and colleagues to join in a discussion about contemporary art, and share a coffee. While Kathrin was setting up, people started to arrive. Once unpacked the box became a display cabinet showing different art projects that it had collected on its travels.
In this group the box served as a catalyst for discussion. We each brought examples of our own work and took it in turns to show and talk about it. As practicing artists, teachers and students, we meet each other fairly often, but we were all surprised to see each others work, most of which we had never seen before.
I would like to see the bibliobox again when it has travelled further and collected more art projects." reports Marja Bonada.
about the host Kathrin Böhm is one of the members of and currently an AHRC fellow at the University of Wolverhampton, School of Art and Design and a member of the art and architecture collective, public works.
Mediamaker, Shropshire’s innovative media arts partnership, has invited the artist collective to devise this programme as the first stage of a major commission for Shrewsbury and Shropshire. Over two months, the project will explore the countryside as a place for art production, a socio-cultural space and a space for critical reflection.
contact Adrian Plant, 01743 361196,